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Large Living Room Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Large Living Room Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room. A large living room can be a challenge to decorate. There are many different options that you can try to give the room a unique look. For instance, you can use a large abstract painting to complement your natural-toned room. You can also place indoor plants in matching planters for a more coordinated look. If you have a large living area, you can choose to hang several floating shelves to create the perfect arrangement of plants.

One of the most popular large wall decor ideas for a living room is a mural. You can get a 100' x 144'' mural and have it installed in six pieces. You can also enlarge a vacation photo and affix it as wallpaper. An image of Stonehenge will fill a wall behind a modern sofa. Another option for a large living space is accent walls. You can choose wallpaper that highlights your favorite colors or prints. A geometric pattern will match your throw pillows.

Large Living Room Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Another great option for large wall decor is a large mirror. This accent piece will enlarge any space. It is also great for reflecting light. A larger mirror will make a room look more spacious. If you don't have a large mirror, you can purchase a rustic one framed with old shutters. The longer the mirror, the bigger the illusion of space. A smaller mirror can be placed over a couch.

Another big wall decor idea is to use a pegboard. This handy tool is great for displaying indoor plants or for storing stuff. You can even use pegboard as a decorative accessory. You can put your favorite family photos on it. You can also place framed displays in your living room. You can also use a wooden board or a piece of foam insulation. Adding a wooden pegboard is a smart idea for a living room.

Choosing a large wall decor item can make a big impact on your home. You can use large-sized paintings, posters, or canvasses to create a focal point. They can be as large as you like, or as small as you like. And you don't need to hang them on the entire wall. The larger the print, the more dramatic it will be. If you're looking for a unique way to dress up a bare living room, oversized paintings are the best option.

Adding large-scale wall art can make a big impact on an otherwise empty living room. Not only do they add visual appeal to the space, but they also give the space a focal point. For example, a massive piece of driftwood can fill an entire wall. A long, gnarled piece of driftwood can command the entire wall, giving it a huge focal point and a dramatic effect.

A large wall can be turned into a plant wall. A plant-wall can add color and greenery to your living room. For a more casual approach, a large sculptural object can be placed on the wall. If you don't have a lot of space, consider hanging a fern or a faux plant on the top of the mantel. They'll add visual texture and fill an empty space.

Another great option for large living room walls is a decorative floor mirror. A large floor mirror can add a lot of light to the space. It can make the whole area feel larger and brighter. A mirror can also be useful for quick outfit checks. There are many ways to decorate a wall. Just be creative! You can do a lot of things with it. If you want to make your living room look luxurious, you can put up a mirrored wall.

A bookcase is a great option for decorating a wall. A bookcase with a large bookcase can be an attractive addition to a living room. The bookshelf is another great way to add personality to the walls. A shelf can hold books, vases, and even your favorite paintings. Regardless of the style of your home, the wall should have something that is unique and makes you feel good.

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